International Accordion Days in Prague

general competition rules

Main Goal of the International Accordion days in Prague is to keep and develop strong tradition of accordion playing in the Czech Republic building on the European festival of accordion orchestras in Prague.

Competition is organized by “CTA Prague” agency in partnership with the Czech Accordion Association and Prague Conservator – accordion departement.

Competitor can be a person/group/orchestra of any nationality who fulfills conditions of the selected category announced at the category list.

Competition takes place from 26th till 29th October 2023 at Prague Conservatory.

Online application form

Deadline is 23 September 2023.

Each competitor/ensemble/orchestra must also pay the entry fee to this deadline.
It is not possible to pay this fee in cash.

soloist categories 0 – VI:                  900 CZK (38€)

soloist category VII:                      1.600 CZK (68€)

ensemble categories VIII – XI:      2.300 CZK (96€)

orchestra categories XII – XIV:     4.000 CZK (168€)

(full amount, without bank fees – EUR!)

Entry fee is paid to: 

account number: 43-4698210277/0100, IBAN: CZ190 100 000 043 469 821 0277

Swift Code: KOMBCZPP (full amount, without bank fees – OUR!)
Payment reference: name of competitor/ensemble, selected category
Applications without this items will not be accepted as valid.

Jury includes professionals and internationally distinguished experts active on the accordion scene. Decisions of the jury are final.

Before your performance, it is necessary to submit 2 copies of the scores of compositions played by you to the jury in the day of the competition.


Participants are awarded in three bands:*

Average marking points  between 21 – 25 points – golden band
Average marking points  between 16 – 20 points – silver band
Average marking points  between 11 – 15 points – bronze band

*In cat. VII only placings will be determined.

If any candidate exceeds time limit of two or more minutes, he can be stopped by the chairman of the jury.
Each adjudicator marks each candidate. All markings of one candidate can differ in not more than five points. If markings differ in more than five points, the correction must be made by the jury member out of this range. For the two-round categories, adjudicators give markings to candidates in each round.

Chairman of the jury can initiate one or more breaks (each up to five minutes) for jury meeting and ongoing markings to those candidates who played.

Prize awarding of three highest scored positions will be the following:

soloist categories 0 – V:

Selected laureates will receive:

  • opportunity to perform at the concert organized by Prague Conservatory
  • two free lessons at accordion department of Prague Conservatory
  • voucher for Summer courses in Třeboň 2024
  • Prizes of the companies Techgal and Delicia
  • CDs and sheet music by Edition Rondo Prague and Notenwunderland

soloist categories VI – VII:

  • financial prizes:          category VI.              category VII.
  • 1st place                       3.000 CZK                  10.000 CZK
  • 2nd place                      2.000 CZK                  5.000 CZK
  • 3rd place                       1.000 CZK                  3.000 CZK

chamber and orchestral categories:
material prizes and opportunity to perform at Gala concert

Travel and Accommodation expenses are all paid by competitors.

Secretary of competition will only announce a list of advantageous accommodation for competitors.

FESTIVAL FEE (ensembles and orchestras)
ATTENTION!  30 EUR per person will be required from orchestras who do not book their stay (stay programme and accommodation) through the festival organizer.

(includes programme book) authorizes entry to all concerts and to all competition events. Obligatory for all visitors and participants. Price:  € 5.00 (in our accommodation badges included).

All visa and travel documents are also paid by competitors themselves. Secretary of competition can only provide an invitation letter for competitors.

For advantageous accommodation and stay programme packages contact CTA Agency